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"I have known Claudia for several years and I knew she was very passionate and commited about nutrition and helping women with infertility and other issues. What I didn’t know is how good she was at it!
She was super professional, thorough, direct, detailed but also holistic about understanding my health. We talked about my iron deficiency and what I can do to improve my diet and iron absorption. We talked about hormone imbalances and challenges to conceive.
After the consultation I was even more impressed as I received a super useful and tailored email with lots of practical tips and information that will surely help me.
Thanksssssss!! "
- YANI, sydney
"Claudia was very thorough and gave me some great tips on how to help me stress less and wind down. Thanks to Claudia's advice, I'm committed to reduce the way I handle stress and put all practices in place for my overall wellbeing".
- angela, sydney
"Claudia hears me, she doesn't only listen. My anxiety and guilt around motherhood have decreased since I have started working with her".
- kirsty, sydney
“Where do I start! This program not only provides you with all the knowledge and tools you need to recover in an easy/fun to read week by week format, it also gives you the endless support, compassion and love from Claudia which for me was the biggest cherry on top. I felt heard and understood which allowed me to open up and confront the bigger issues I have been dealing with for most of my life. Claudia has 100% improved my overall health, mindset and way of living as a woman. I’ve learnt how to love myself and although I may not have my period back yet I know in my heart and mind that I’m close. Thank you for everything Claudia, you’re amazing!!”
My name is Claudia, I’m a Nutrition & dietetic clinician (BHSc Nut d med), Health and Parenting Writer, and founder of Nourished by Claudia. 

My health journey started when I was 12, as I grew up surrounded by a culture that valued the physical appearance over health. 
I had to suffer from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, severe GIT problems and anxiety, before taking charge of my wellbeing.

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I recognise that there is no “one size fits all” diet or “magic bullet” which is going to cure all illnesses. I focus on having a thorough understanding of your personal goals, needs, likes and dislikes, support networks and lifestyle in order to create a food and lifestyle approach that suits YOU. 
My approach is personal and non-judgmental, and I use a combination of conventional and complementary medicine, to support my clients to regain their health and energy, so that they can live and enjoy their lives to the fullest.

One of my key passion is supporting and empowering women through foods and lifestyle choices that can optimise their wellbeing.

How can I help YOU? 

I offer:
• One-on-one face to face and virtual sessions to fit your schedule
• Specific nutrition & supplement recommendations
• Online Programs and Workshops
• Evidence-based, practical guidance

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